The Tragic Tension (...)
Final Degree Project

Two-piece tapestry and editorial publication approaching the sexual-affective exclusivity agreement within monogamous relationships.

The narrative of the project is built upon the third person that interacts with a one-to-one relationship. The tapestries illustrate the tension between the complexity of desire and the simplicity of social norms. The third person can’t be seen at first sight but is inherently present in the gap between both tapestries. In the end, she appears in the foredge of the book that contains related theoretical information.

The ultimate goal of the project is to share a mind-shifting message and encourage people who feel burdened to explore other ways to sex-affectively relate to other individuals. Likewise, it aims to expose the role of design in everyday people’s lives by translating in a more understandable way a matter that is related to another field of knowledge.

→ Awards: Best Final Degree Project Nominee, ei! Awards
→ Disciplines: Editorial, Textile, Illustration

Journal Stéphanois
Collection of Journals of Saint-Étienne

Journal Stéphanois is a limited edition of journals (7 volumes) about topics that interested me while I lived in France.

Each piece consists of one long spread (1,18 m) which is printed on one side and folded in a diagonal that allows readers to see the written article and its cover simultaneously.

→ Awards: Silver ADG Laus Estudiants (2019)
→ Exhibitions: The Best Design of the Year
→ Disciplines: Editorial

Anis Display
Typeface for a Spanish Liqueur Factory

Anis Display is based on the iconic geometrical texture of Anís del Mono’s liqueur bottle. Abrupt letter dislocations represent the brand’s new concept “embrace mistakes”, spotlighting a label typo that the brand has kept on purpose over the years. The typography aims to preserve the angular, sharp and characteristic look of the brand.

→ Partnered with: Joana Bisbe
→ Disciplines: Typography, Branding

Ecommerce Shoe Website

Footprint is an e-commerce website that features remarkably designed footwear. The interface aims to be clear, address a young sophisticated public, and give a leading role to the aesthetics of the selling product.

→ Disciplines: UX/UI, Branding